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accent wall vs whole room

Should You Wallpaper a Whole Room or Just an Accent Wall?

Wallpaper is considered the best way to incorporate personality and a wide range of patterns to a room. Many readers out there might be wondering if applying wallpaper just on the accent wall would look strange. Well, the following write-up aims to clear their doubt. We have researched this topic thoroughly and managed to bring the correct answer.

Should you wallpaper a whole room or just an accent wall?

Accent wall vs whole room – let’s end the age-old debate once and for all.

As there are several types of wallpaper, it is fine if you decide to wallpaper a full room or an accent wall. Choosing the right texture, color, and pattern will ensure that the room or the accent wall appear desirable and not visually overwhelming. Since the accent wall is known for being an exclusive focal point, the wallpaper would not look out of the place.

Wallpaper is quite easy to apply. Get the peel-and-stick products readily available in the market. Remember, investing in the wrong type of wallpaper can disturb the entire look of a room.

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Is it OK to wallpaper just one wall?

According to the best interior designers and decorators, rooms with wallpaper accent wall look amazing. But still, lots of individuals are not sure if it is ok for them to wallpaper just one wall.

It seems a bit strange to apply wallpaper on a single wall but things would work in your favor if you select the right wall. You first have to identify the wall that acts as your room’s focal point.

You can use a wallpaper to create a focal point or you can use a wallpaper to decorate an existing focal point. An ideal focal point is generally smooth and does not have windows or angles interrupting the scene. It must also have a distinct fixture or furniture such as a television, tall headboard, etc.

This is why accent walls are perfect for displaying single wallpaper. They are after all already designed for highlighting something special.

An accent wall also provides visual break from the pattern that the rest of your room follows. You can create an accent wall by adding wallpaper to one wall or leave one wall to stand out by adding wallpaper to the other walls.

Does wallpaper on one wall make a room look smaller?

Does wallpaper make a room look smaller? This seems like a genuine query.

Most people prefer keeping walls in their room in the same color. Consistency can open up even the tiniest rooms. Using wallpaper to emphasize an accent wall, on the other hand, will divide the room into sections.

Adding wallpaper does not necessarily have to make the room look smaller. You may use colors and patterns that balance out the appearance seamlessly. For instance, darker shades of the nearby colors will spread the attention. This is because darker walls add depth.

Small rooms do not have enough surface area. Applying wallpaper to a single wall in the bathroom will make it feel cramped. Since there is not substantial visual rest from one wall to another, you will see a modular wall from all viewpoints.

So, yes, adding wallpaper to one wall makes a room look smaller. The right texture, patterns, and scale can however create a sort of optical illusion in a mid or large-sized room.

How many walls in a room should you wallpaper? What affects the decision?

Wallpapering one wall:

You must wallpaper one wall if you want to create a unique focal point – something to draw attention to.

Wallpapering two walls:

People must consider wallpapering two adjacent walls for creating contrast. Many may not believe this but the trick enhances visual appeal.

Wallpapering All walls:

When can you wallpaper all the walls of your room? Well, if you have a huge space to decorate, applying wallpaper to the one wall would never work. Wallpaper enlivens and accentuates the room but if the dimensions are incorrect, it would not have the impact you wanted.

You should wallpaper all walls if your furniture allows. Wallpaper has a presence. You would not want to overbear or outshine the rest of the features in a room. Wallpapering the walls is necessary if you need to make an immersive space

How can you choose a wallpaper for an accent wall?

Can you have two accent walls? No. You need to have only one accent wall. If you are to have more, it would not have the same impact, and you have to paint the whole room.

The first step to choosing a wallpaper is to find out the purpose of the room. Now the purpose of an accent wall is to stress the focal point like a painting or a piece of furniture against it. The wallpaper must also serve the focal point.

Baby Nursery Accent wall

If you want to stress on your brand-new smart TV, you would not want to opt for a pattern that is too distracting. Doing so would create problems when you are watching a movie.

If you want to stress an artwork, you should never purchase a wallpaper that is more attention-grabbing and elaborate than the artwork itself.

However, a complex design can be right for a comfy piano space.

How can you wallpaper an accent wall?

When wallpapering an accent wall, please implement the below steps with utmost diligence.

Cut the wallpaper in size:

Cut a specific length of the wallpaper you purchased. It is good to go for at least four inches longer than the concerned wall.

Place the mark on the wall:

Place a mark on the wall. Measure distance that is two inches shorter than the breadth of the wallpaper. Mark the spot with a pencil. Draw a line to the floor from the ceiling to bisect the mark.

Spray the wallpaper:

Spray the wallpaper and the wall. You must make sure the spray reaches all the corners of the wall or else the wallpaper would not stick.

Affix it to the wall:

Put the wallpaper up carefully. Apply it on the mark you drew. Press the wallpaper using a silicone roller. Trim the excess.

Final Thoughts

Wallpaper adds freedom to a room provided you handle it properly. Now that you know how to wallpaper accent walls and whether or not to wallpaper only one wall, please go ahead and purchase something that suits your personal style.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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