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how to get rid of white worms in house

Small White Worms in House: What Are They?

What are the little white worms in my house? Have you lately noticed little white worms crawling all across your house? Known as maggots, the slimy and filthy creatures are practically a nightmare. Maggot infestation can cause a wide range of problems, and one needs to undertake actionable measures before they completely take over a property. To know more, please go through the rest of the discussion now.

Why are there small white worms in my house?

  • Kitchen:

You may find small white worms in kitchen because flies lay eggs near their source of food.

Maggots wiggle through the kitchen looking for encircled areas where they can grow into adults. They leave behind food particles on which they were feeding while moving around.

At times, maggots crawl in the upward direction and enter cracks in the wall or ceiling. They weave a silk cocoon to pupate.

  • Bathroom Shower:

Do maggots show up in your bathroom shower frequently? If yes, there is certainly a food source close or down the drain. Many times, small animals die and get trapped inside the drain, paving the way for maggot infestation.

  • Sink:

Why are there white worms in sink? That’s a query several modern-day individuals have.

White worms or maggots prefer the slimy and damp environment inside the pipes of the sink, tub, and shower. In some cases, these worms may reach the toilet tank or the water that generally pools in the bottom of an old sink or shower.

  • Carpet:

Do you have something wiggling inside your carpet? Maggots are tiny worms that can inhabit any part of your house but they are specifically difficult to handle when on the carpet.

If you have encountered maggots in the carpet, there are a couple of things that surely have happened. You may have accidentally spilled food, and forgot to clean it. You have neglected pet feces.

  • Bedroom:

Maggots may appear in your bedroom if you leave food to rot for a prolonged period. Presence of animal carcasses or excessive pet feces are also held responsible.

  • Beds & Bed Sheets:

Small white worms in shower seem nightmarish. What would you do if you see the same worms in your bed and bed sheet?

According to studies, a dirty bed is the top cause of maggots. Get rid of the dust and food stains, and you will get rid of these pesky creatures too.

  • Garbage Can:

When your garbage can is full of food waste, especially raw meat, maggots tend to thrive. This happens more in hot weather because heat exacerbates the odor, and lures the flies and maggots. Rotten food attracts maggots just like magnets.

  • Garden Soil:

You will see maggots in garden soil because garden soil generally brims with manure, and maggots are attracted to manure.

Maggots are generally good for the soil. They can create rich and nutritious compost.

  • Laundry Room:

A normal washer can kill maggots in no time. If laundry is left undisturbed and damp, there is a great chance that the flies will lay eggs inside them. Within a span of few weeks, the eggs will hatch and the clothes will be filled with maggots.

  • Walls:

At times, maggots inhabit the walls of a house if they find a rotten food source inside the wall. You can kill maggots without professional extermination too. Just spray the wall with high-quality chemical pesticide.

  • Pantry:

Maggots enter the pantry if they find rotten food materials. Pantry worms are those household pests that tend to lay eggs in the dry foods.

  • Houseplant:

Maggots do not feed on or bite houseplants. But they do lay eggs on the surface of the soil. In search of food, they burrow into the soil, and consume the roots.

Where do small white worms come from?

Do all white worms come from the same place? No, although they look the same.


Some maggots come from moths like fungus gnats and cloth moths. Moths lay eggs on a particular thing. The eggs hatch into larvae and the larvae then grow into maggots.


Flies also produce larvae after laying eggs. Maggots come from the larvae.

Waste materials:

Waste materials are perhaps the best place for maggots to live and grow. They feed on rotten food and prefer a moist environment the most.

How to get rid of small white worms from your house?

How to get rid of white worms in house? The below-mentioned tricks work wonders. Try them out before calling an exterminator.


Hot water:

The easiest way to kill the maggots is by pouring hot water on them.

Set a container of water to boil for at least five minutes. Pour the water slowly and cautiously into the infested areas. This trick is specifically useful if the maggots are trapped inside a garbage can or other enclosed space. Do not use hot water if the maggots are living in your carpet. This can cause mold formation and structural damage.

Vinegar mixture:

You can also kill the maggots with a mixture made from 1/6 apple cider vinegar and 5/6 water. You must be patient because this process takes around 18 hours to kill the maggot.

Thorough cleaning:

Maggots love living in dirty places. There is a high chance you can get rid of them if you thoroughly clean your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Mothballs are chemically treated and full of insecticides. It would help if you place 2 to 3 mothballs near maggot infested areas like the bottom of the garbage can or inside the shower. Mothballs are extremely toxic and have carcinogenic compounds. So, do not leave them near food items.

What do Worms Dislike?

Small white worms or maggots dislike eucalyptus, mint, and bay. Crush the leaves of any of these plants and keep them in and around areas that you suspect are inhabited by maggots.

After eliminating the maggots, you must implement preventive steps so they do not come back. Maggots tend to appear only when you do not maintain hygiene. Clean the counters and tabletops. Mop the floors. Seal the garbage cans and keep food inside airtight containers only. Close the crevices and cracks in walls and ceilings using caulk.

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In most cases, white worms are maggots. Our house can become dirty very easily because of these white worms. Furthermore, worms carry germs with them. Therefore, it is essential to repel these worms. In addition, the worms are often found in waste food and dirty places since they are born from flies. Thank you for reading 🙂

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