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gorilla glue versus super glue

Super Glue Versus Gorilla Glue: Which Is The Better Option?

When we purchase any adhesive, an unquestioning belief stays in our mind that whatever we are gluing remains that way forever. The strongest glues, gorilla glue, and super glue, comes first, as they practically stick on everything except super glue on porous surfaces. Is gorilla glue the strongest glue? Well, yes! Gorilla glue comes in wide varieties that can glue everything. In this article, you will look at different kinds of adhesives and their properties. Let’s have a look! 

Know the glue-

Gorilla Glue:

 Gorilla glue has polyurethane as its active element, which works on everything. Many types of gorilla glue work on different substrates such as metals, leather, foam, rubber, etc. The original gorilla glue has only one drawback: it takes quite a lot of your time while drying up. Other than that, it works perfectly on both smooth and rough surfaces. 

Super glue:

 Also known as “instant” adhesive, contains cyanoacrylate, is inflammable and cures quickly. Super glue dries up instantly after sticking; the only drawback is that it doesn’t work well on smooth surfaces. Other than that, you can easily apply super glue to your household chores, and it’s applicable for hot surfaces. 

Super glue VS Gorilla glue 

Super glue versus gorilla glue, which is better for your project? Gorilla glue has polyurethane, making it much more challenging and versatile. Gorilla glue can be easily used indoors and for external repairs. Gorilla glue works perfectly on smoother surfaces, which makes them more reliable for your homes. Gorilla glue requires moisture to activate and an extended drying time. Super glue has cyanoacrylate, which makes it an instant adhesive. Super glue doesn’t need ample clamp time or moisture to activate and immediately dries up. Super glue has a unique binding property but doesn’t stick well on smoother surfaces. Rather than that, you can easily use super glue in your homes. 

Gorilla glue or super glue 

Gorilla glue is preferred over super glue. Does gorilla glue work? Well, yes, it does! Gorilla glue works on almost every surface, from foam to leather. It even works incredibly on difficult substrates. Besides having one drawback, it is still a go-to-project glue for many DIYers. Super glue has its pros and cons. Super glue is an instant adhesive that makes it an ideal choice for your projects. Super glue is comparatively sager to use and works incredibly on hot surfaces. 

Krazy glue VS Gorilla glue for plastic 

Gorilla glue can work on plastics, but its use is not recommended for high plasticizer content or polypropylene plastics. However, one can use Gorilla Super glue as it has cyanoacrylate and works incredibly on plastics. Krazy glue is super glue, or you can say “instant adhesive,” that can be easily used on any plastic. Krazy glue contains cyanoacrylate, which is an ideal choice for gluing plastics. The bottom line is you should use super glues for plastic. So, here Krazy glue has a benefit! 

Krazy glue vs super glue

Krazy Glue Vs Super Glue

Krazy glue and super glue contain “cyanoacrylate” as their main ingredient, making them an instant adhesive. They both are similar to each other. Since they are super glues, they have difficulties sticking onto smoother surfaces. Different from that, they both are quick-bonding glues. You can easily use both of them in your projects. One more thing! Krazy glue and super glue are water-resistant! 

Gorilla glue or super glue for metal 

The best glue for metal isn’t only one; there are many kinds. The bond containing polyurethane (Gorilla glue), cyanoacrylate (Superglue), or epoxies can work amazingly on metal. There is not a straight answer to this question. You need to focus on the clamping and drying time and then decide what suits you best within these options! 

Gorilla glue or super glue for ceramic

Does Gorilla Glue work on ceramics? Well, yes, it works! Gorilla glue is 100% waterproof and won’t break down when exposed to water, so it can efficiently work on ceramics. Super glue, the instant glue, has cyanoacrylate, making a unique bond with ceramics. 

Gorilla glue or super glue for plastic 

As stated above, gorilla glue doesn’t work well with plastics, but Super gorilla glue can work incredibly on plastics. On the other hand, super glue works instantly on plastics because it has cyanoacrylate, so it is recommended to use it on plastics. Overall, super glue is preferred for plastics. Use it well! 

Is gorilla glue better than super glue? 

Well, gorilla glue and super glue are entirely different from each other. Polyurethane is what gorilla glue is made of. Gorilla glue shows impressive results on harsh or smooth surfaces, whereas super glue does not. Super glue is an instant adhesive that immediately dries up after gluing. Gorilla glue and super glue have their drawbacks, but both work amazingly. The bottom line, if you might ask, is gorilla glue is much more challenging than super glue because it glues incredibly on every surface. Gorilla Super glue gel temperature ranges from -40 to 200 degrees F, whereas gorilla glue temperature ranges from 4 to 54 degrees Celsius. 

Is gorilla glue the same as super glue? 

No! No! Gorilla glue is different from super glue. As mentioned above, Gorilla glue contains polyurethane, whereas super glue contains cyanoacrylate. The thing that also makes them different is their drying and clamp time. Gorilla glue requires moisture to activate, but super glue doesn’t. Super glue is one of the strongest adhesives that also works incredibly on plastics and rubber, but what glue is stronger than super glue? Well, gorilla super glue and epoxy adhesives are the ones that are much stronger than super glue. They work incredibly on both the surfaces, such as porous and non-porous surfaces, unlike super glue. 

Is gorilla Super glue waterproof? Is gorilla glue cyanoacrylate? 

No! Gorilla Super glue is not waterproof but water-resistant. Gorilla Super glue is not recommended to use in water-based projects. However, gorilla Super Glue is an instant adhesive that doesn’t require any moisture to activate but isn’t waterproof. Gorilla original glue doesn’t contain cyanoacrylate but polyurethane. Gorilla Super glue is the one that contains cyanoacrylate or instant adhesive ingredients. 

Gorilla glue and super glue-Cure time 

Cure time refers to the period in which the surface attains its maximum strength and ultimately glues. If you consider gorilla glue, you have to clamp the object for 1 to 2 hours, and the cure time varies up to 24 hours. You should not disturb the curing process in between. As for super glue, you have to clamp the surface for about 10 to 15 minutes and provide 24 hours to dry completely. Be careful when opening the neat glue bottle, as it can lose moisture if exposed to air. 

Gorilla glue clear vs. original 

Clear gorilla glue and original gorilla are somewhat identical to each other. Clear and original gorilla glue contains polyurethane as its main ingredient and works incredibly on every surface. They both are versatile and quickly bond with the substrates. This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. The only differentiation that can be done is based on their waterproofing nature. Clear gorilla glue is water-resistant and therefore not recommended for long-term water exposure, whereas original gorilla glue is 100% waterproof and can withstand constant soak. Does clear gorilla glue work on wood? 

Well, yes! Clear gorilla glue bonds well with wood due to its thin consistency; it makes a strong bond with wood, metal, and foam. Undoubtedly, you can choose clear gorilla glue for softwood and hardwood simultaneously. 

Are gorilla and super glue gel waterproof? 

Gorilla glue is 100% waterproof and can easily withstand long water exposure, whereas super glue gel is water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that if super glue gel is continuously exposed to wet surfaces, it will solidify immediately and can become rigid, so it is recommended to avoid water exposure. 


Is gorilla glue super glue? 

Undoubtedly, Gorilla Glue is the most powerful adhesive but is not super glue. Gorilla glue has polyurethane that is tough enough to glue everything, whereas super glue has cyanoacrylate that works on lesser things, unlike gorilla glue. 

Is gorilla glue good?

Yes! Gorilla glue is versatile and robust. What is gorilla glue used for? Gorilla glue can be easily used in construction and household projects simultaneously. It quickly makes a bond with substrates, which makes them gorilla tough!

Strongest gorilla glue 

Gorilla Weld is considered the strongest gorilla glue due to its high bond strength. Gorillaweld sets within no time and creates a long-lasting bond with metals, concrete, ceramics, etc. 

Is hot glue stronger than gorilla glue?

Hot glue is considered stronger than gorilla glue because it is durable and flexible. You have to use the gun, that’s it! It is more vital than gorilla glue. 


Glues, and adhesives, are of many types. Their quality and consistency speak for themselves. Many people prefer gorilla glue due to its versatility and convenience. But you cannot underestimate any of the adhesives mentioned above, and the strength can only be estimated if they provide the best for your surface. Gorilla glue vs. super glue vs. Krazy glue vs. hot glue has its powers; they are robust and durable. Choose wisely! 

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