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ideas for bathroom walls instead of tiles

What Can You Put on Bathroom Walls Instead of Tiles?

Have you been planning on rejuvenating your bathroom? Maybe you wrecked the vintage elements in your house, and do not wish to be left behind with metro or mosaic tiles. So, what can you put on the bathroom walls instead of tiles? The following write-up specifies the pros and cons of nine amazing and readily available alternatives. Go through them to arrive at a decision without any hassle.

What can you put on bathroom walls instead of tiles?

Walk through the comprehensive DIY center and you will surely find inspirational ideas for bathroom walls instead of tiles. If you come across something that you can use to enhance the interior and exterior walls, please go for it unhesitatingly.

PVC Wall Panel:

If you are working on a small bathroom, laminate or PVC panels seem like the best option. They are affordable and can be installed easily. In terms of appearance, they resemble tiles a lot but they do not call for time-consuming or professional maintenance.

PVC Wall Panel

PVC panels are great for walk-in showers because you see the same panels outside the shower. They are waterproof, hence, will last for a prolonged period. Manufactured from flexible plastic, if you do not affix the panels firmly to the walls, they will crack over time.

To conclude, PVC wall panels are great for bathrooms in rental establishments or for cleaning up old bathrooms without spending much. Now also remember that none of your guests will consider your bathroom with PVC panels a spa parlor made from stone tiles.

Marble Wall Coverings:

Why use bathroom wall covering instead of tiles? This particular section aims to answer the question.

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Marble has been adorning castles and mansions since time immemorial. Regardless of its amazing history, modern-day individuals feel nervous when installing marble wall coverings in their bathrooms. Well, they must relax. Marble is a sturdy stone, and if treated properly, it can endure practically everything.

By using marble coverings on shower walls, countertops, and floors, you provide your bathroom with an expensive look. Mix a wide range of shapes and sizes to create enough visual interest.

During installation, make sure to seal the marbles, and then do the same after every three months. This will help your bathroom walls look appealing for a prolonged period.

Marble is classic but thankfully always on trend. It is a valuable investment so go for it.

Acrylic panels:

Many people use acrylic panels on their bathroom walls. Even though there are fewer options in terms of color and design, acrylic panels have impressed larger segments of the population because they are reasonably priced, durable, and easy to maintain. Also, they can resist moisture, stains, and scratches, unlike the traditional tiles.


You may opt for waterproof bathroom paint instead of tiles.

If your bathroom has a shower enclosure along with a door, paint is perhaps the cheapest way to finish a bathroom. Oil-based paints are known for protecting the walls from water damage. You can also purchase high-quality latex paints. Customize the space with whatever color you like.

Laminated panels:

Do you wish to get rid of tile grout once and for all? If yes, please invest in cent per cent waterproof laminated panels. They are available in fashionable styles such as contemporary, transitional, shabby chic, and modern farmhouse. You can install laminated panels without professional assistance, and they have a warranty of lifetime.


Tiles made of glazed ceramic are used in many bathroom walls and flooring. Ceramic is considered the safest choice for individuals who wish to buy economical yet resilient materials.

Natural stone:

Natural stone tiles are beautiful and opulent. Due to their unique nature, no two bathrooms will ever appear alike. It however needs sealing every month or else your bathroom walls may end up with unattractive stains. If you agree to constant maintenance, be prepared for a luxurious finish that will easily last a lifetime.


Have you been looking for ideas for bathroom walls instead of paint? If yes, you may choose wallpaper. The bold florals or geometric patterns would certainly look good. Make sure you purchase waterproof wallpaper only. When hanging the paper, please be immensely cautious or else you may ruin the adhesive.


ideas for bathroom walls instead of paint
Microcement Bathroom

Microcement has been in use in luxurious indoor spas. If you want your bathroom to be finished from a single material, you must go for Microcement. It is used for covering showers, walls, baths, and vanity. Installation can take almost a month. Microcement are available in several textures from pebbled to glossy smooth.

What can you use for shower walls besides tile?

If you do not wish to use tiles on your shower walls, you may opt for any of the alternatives stated above. Each has its fair share of pros and cons. Take into account your requirements and expectations before arriving at a decision.

Is the tile on bathroom walls outdated?

Even though some people still use tiles in their bathroom, they are believed to be an outdated décor element. With so many alternatives available in the market, why would one prefer using something that is not trending at the moment, right?

Do bathroom walls need to be tiled?

Is it necessary to get the bathroom walls tiled? No. Earlier, tiles were used in the wetter parts of the bathroom – inside the shower enclosure and around the bathtub – to waterproof the walls. At present, however, several other materials can add a decorative spin to the bathroom walls while waterproofing them.

How can you cover bathroom walls cheaply?

Covering bathroom walls is an expensive endeavor. If you have a restricted budget, you must look for options that would help you get done with the task and not burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Make use of cheaper materials:

You must purchase affordable materials. Instead of going for marble coverings, get PVC wall panels.

  •  Easily installable wall materials:

You can save a lot on labor if you install the bathroom wall coverings on your own. Did you know PVC panel installation is user-friendly?

  • Select budget-friendly, yet durable materials:

Even when you choose affordable material options, do not compromise on the durability quotient. Otherwise, you would be spending on maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

  • Be careful not to compromise on waterproofing:

Never compromise on waterproofing. Always waterproof the bathroom walls so that they retain their look and structural integrity for years.

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Although tiles are popular, there are plenty of other options you can go for when it comes to bathroom walls. If you want to experiment a bit and create a statement, please read the above write-up.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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