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What Is Passive Door Lock & Unlock How to Turn Off

What Is Passive Door Lock & Unlock? How to Turn Off?

So, you reached your destination. You parked, shut off the car, and exit it. But you still have to lock the doors, right? No, thanks to an exceptional feature, passive locking, installed in almost all the GM vehicles with keyless access, the car will automatically lock the doors.

You must make sure you have fulfilled the below three conditions –

  • The car is turned off.
  • All the doors are closed.
  • At least one key fob or keyless entry system is removed from the car.

To know more, please go through the rest of the discussion.

What is passive door lock & unlock?

What is passive door lock?

The passive entry system aims to improve a car’s remote keyless entry and is an integral part of the keyless enter-and-go. It lets you lock and unlock your car’s doors without needing to push the key fob buttons.

What Is Auto Door Unlock?

People should also be aware of the auto door unlock feature.

With this, you can open your car’s door by simply pushing the button on your car’s handle. You do not have to use your keys. If you press the button one time, you open the driver’s seat door, and if you press the button two times, you end up unlocking all the doors.

Below are a couple of benefits you can enjoy by investing in passive door locks.

  • According to the cadillac passive door lock manufacturers, a keyless system enhances security to the greatest extent. There is a lower chance of thieves breaking into your car.
  • More control over your car or truck by switching to passive door locks. These locks make sure no one besides the one you choose have the power to navigate your car and lock/unlock it.
  • Finally, yet importantly, passive door locks are convenient. You can enter and exit your car with peace of mind. There is no need to fret over finding keys, thankfully.

What does passive door unlock mean?

The passive keyless entry system (PKE) is an automated locking and unlocking system for automobiles that works automatically when the driver approaches the vehicle or pulls the door handle, and locks the door when the driver walks away or touches the car when exiting.

How does passive door entry lock work?

passive door lock
Passive door locking

Nearly all GM vehicles with a remote keyless entry come with a passive door lock. There are, however, a couple of conditions you must fulfil if you want the feature to function.

As stated above, please turn off the car’s engine, shut the car’s doors, and remove at least one of the key fobs.

After meeting the above conditions, your car will lock automatically even if the key fob is far away. You may configure the settings in a way that the horn chirps and indicates that the vehicle is locked.

Please check out the vehicle’s app to enable passive door lock for manufacturers like Chevy and GM. Look for the ‘remote lock unlock,’ and then press ‘start.’

How can you turn off the passive door lock?

To turn off the passive door lock, you need to implement the steps stated below with utmost diligence.

gmc passive door unlock
How to turn off Passive Door Lock on a GM Vehicle

Go to system settings

Your car certainly has a monitor on the dashboard. Here, you can find the system settings or settings to regulate the passive door lock feature.

Go to the “Go vehicle” option

You will come across the ‘Go vehicle’ option. After pressing it, you will discover the lock unlock button.

Press on the passive door option

Move on to the passive door option. Press it, and you are just one step away from turning off your vehicle’s fantastic feature.

Now press turn off

Press the turn-off option for passive door lock.

How will I disable the passive door lock temporarily?

Make sure that the ignition switch is in “Off” mode, and close all the doors of your car. Press the power button three times while the key is in the “Drive” mode. Turn the key from “Run” to “Off” once you are done.

How will I enable passive unlocking using my key fob?

gmc terrain key fob buttons
Key Fob

Now that you know how to turn off passive door locking, it is time to find out ways to enable the passive unlock feature with a key fob. Follow the steps below. They are simple enough.

Ensure the vehicle is turned off

First, please turn off the vehicle’s engine.

Press the lock and unlock button for 3 seconds

Please press the lock and unlock buttons for at least three seconds to enable the passive unlocking feature with a key fob.

When the light flashes, it’s done

When the turn signal flashes four times, you can be certain that the feature has been enabled.

Why is the Passive Door Lock Not Working?

Every electrical or mechanical issue in the car has a root cause, and the passive door lock is unfortunately no exception. Let’s explore the possible reasons –

  • Dysfunctional Key Fob

In the case of passive door unlock in a chevy, the problems with key fobs are not with batteries always. If the battery is not dysfunctional, the root cause is the key fob. You should take the key to the dealership.

The dealer will know if there is any problem with your key fob. He will plug the fob into the computer and make sure the program is fine. If the fob is dysfunctional and not sending signals, you must replace the fob immediately.

  • Dead Battery

At times, the reason may be as ordinary as a dead battery. If your car’s doors are not electronically locking, you must replace the battery of the key fob right away.

  • Blown Fuse

Car fuses may blow sometimes because they have become old or are used for a prolonged period. If one of your car’s doors is not working properly, the problem may be a blown fuse. This is thankfully an easy, fast, and cheap fix.

  • Faulty Actuator

If the central locking system on the driver’s seat is not working, the issue may be a faulty actuator. You must replace them as soon as possible. A lousy actuator is also the cause if any of the other doors are not working. You must take the car to get the actuator replaced.

  • Wiring Problem

When the locks are not functioning seamlessly, please switch the button up and down several times. Close and open the door too. If the lock has started working a bit, you should pay attention to the wires. You may have a broken wire.

  • Frozen Mechanism

Your car is not moisture-proof. Extreme cold can cause the passive door lock to freeze.

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Final Thoughts

After learning about passive door lock, unlock, you know that the car can lock and unlock automatically. You do not have to use the keys. Enabling the lock enhances the security quotient while providing convenience.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope it helped:)

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