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Where Is Gorilla Glue Made? [Read To Know More]

Gorilla glue, as the name suggests, is one of the strongest glues made in the world. Please don’t believe the myth that gorilla glue is made from a gorilla’s skin, which is why it is so strong and adhesive. In reality, gorilla glue is made up of strong chemicals, including urethane prepolymer, isomers, and homologs, which constitute a very strong bonding property, and that’s why if the glue sticks, then it is nearly impossible to get it removed. 

You can use gorilla glue wherever you want, indoors or outdoors. Well, it is clear that the gorilla glue company has come a long way.  It is completely your decision! You must be thinking about the origin of gorilla glue, right! You are in just the right place. Follow this article to know from where exactly gorilla glue is made!

Where is gorilla glue made?

Gorilla glue is made in the United States of America. The glue has been sold for almost two decades. The gorilla glue was first discovered in 1994, which suggests 28 years ago. Gorilla glue was originally found in Indonesia on the teak furniture, but people saw it as a very strong yet useful glue. This pretty much started the concept of this amazing glue. 

Gorilla glue is available across the globe, you can easily find the product on many websites, such as Amazon.com. Gorilla glue is a diluted form of many elements primarily used in the woodworking industries in the USA. Now, you know that gorilla glue is made in America with different forms of solvents and not out of any animal’s skin!

Who owns gorilla glue?

As we all know, gorilla glue is an American-based company, but what we do not know is who owns gorilla glue? The Ragland family privately owns gorilla glue. The Co-presidents of the company are Nick Ragland Junior and his brother Peter Ragland. The current CEO of the gorilla glue company is Mark Mercurio, a family-owned producer in Ohio. 

The company used to be known as the Lutz tool company, but later on, it changed its name to the gorilla glue company. Gorilla glue has turned out to be a massive hit for the family with its versatile impacts and friendly usage that has enabled the company to succeed in a very short time. The gorilla glue company’s huge sales are worth 300+ million dollars. What a great number!

Gorilla glue company phone number

The gorilla glue company is known for its pride in its employees; in simpler words, they put their employees first. They have a motto: “We are here to listen.” If you need to contact them, they have two numbers, one for the questions or answers and the other for in case of emergencies. 

Dial up to 1-800-966-3458 in case of your queries and 1-800-420-7186 in case of medical emergencies. Instead of the numbers, one can visit their offices, and the visiting hours are 8 am to 5 pm (Monday to Thursday), and 8 am to 12 pm (Friday). The visiting hours remain the same for both the mentioned cases.

Where is gorilla glue headquarters?

Gorilla glue’s headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The products, especially their gorilla glue, are proudly made in the United States of America. Gorilla glue company is known for its high-quality products around the globe. The gorilla glue company is one of the leading manufacturers of various products such as adhesives, high-quality materials, moisturizers, and others. The actual address of the headquarters is 2101 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. The visiting hours and contact numbers are listed above, and you can have a look!

Where is gorilla glue sold?

The gorilla glue company has its products available in more than 45+ countries. The gorilla glue company provides its goods on many websites, such as Amazon and Walmart, for public use. The company has its outlets mainly in the United States of America. 

The main aim of selling the glues, tapes, or strong adhesives was to make them usable for the woodworkers because they have the most requirement for these glues. But now, as the general public has found the product versatile, they are also sold to the general public. You can expect the price range for the original gorilla glue from $11 to $14 approximately.

Final words

Now that you know that gorilla glue is a proudly American-based company that provides the toughest glue of all time, the gorilla glue. There are many strong adhesives too, that are provided by the gorilla glue company. Their products are available for general public consumption.

Gorilla glue is safe to use; it could be easily used in household activities without any issues. This company’s most attractive part is its products and office values, which make them special. They put their employees first! The company stands up to its name, “Gorilla,” which means the toughest of all!

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