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Why Does My House Smell Like Onions

Why Does My House Smell Like Onions? How To Get Rid Of It?

Your house is bound to stink when you go on a vacation and leave it vacant for several days. You may not be able to breathe properly, and even smell onions.

From old carpets to mold, a wide range of factors are usually held responsible. For further information, please go through the rest of the write-up now.

Why does my house smell like onions?

To eliminate the smell of onions in house, you must first pinpoint the cause. What Would Cause an Onion Smell in a Shower Drain? You have surely snaked a blocked drain a couple of times to get the hair out. The hair comes into contact with soap and running water in the shower. Even after you remove the hair, grease and grime still clings to the sides of the drain. If the grease sits for a prolonged period, it will get smelly. You may also get a whiff of onion scent at some point.

Other reasons include –

Old Carpet:

Carpets are continuously trodden by you, your pets, kids, guests, and other family members. The carpet fibers absorb the smell released by feet, paws, shoes, and socks. The odor smells different to different people. It did smell like onions to many.

The same rule applies to mattresses. Mattresses constantly take in body odors and sweat. As you cannot wash the mattress, the pungent onion smell becomes prominent after a couple of days.

Rotten Vegetables:

rotting onion smell
Rotten Onion

A house may smell like onions because you have allowed rotten vegetables to sit in your kitchen for a long time.


Most people tend to overlook the vegetable section when throwing out leftovers from the refrigerator. Maybe the house is smelling like onions because you kept half of an onion to use later and forgot about it. When neglected for a few days, the onion smells and makes other fruits and vegetables smell too.


Dishwashers are one of the major culprits. Everyone has done it at some point – loading the dishwasher and forgetting to run it. Maybe you forgot to run the dishwasher for two days. The smell from the dirty dishes will spread throughout the kitchen.

Cooking Onion:

This seems like a no-brainer. When you cook with onions, the smell lingers in your house and hands for quite some time.

Why does a room smell like an onion?

Smells like onions in house? It can be because of many reasons:


Your kitchen may smell like onions if you tend to cook with onions frequently.

Son’s room:

Foul smell

Have you been meaning to replace the mattress in your son’s room? Well, old mattresses smell like onions after absorbing body oils, sweat, and chemicals from personal hygiene products.

Laundry room:

Your laundry and laundry room can also smell like onions. The bacteria and sweat passed on from your body to the clothes produce an immensely offensive odor similar to sulfur.


Why does my room smell like onions – that’s a query a large number of modern-day individuals have. Well, as mentioned in the section above, old carpets and mattresses absorb all kinds of smell from your body and, in return, release an onion-y scent.

Can a gas leak smell like onions?

Does a gas leak smell like onions? Gas generally smells like rotten eggs because they have sulfur in high concentration. However, as people smell things differently, it is quite possible for gas leaks to smell like chives or bad onions. It would help if you started closely examining the pipes. If you see dust blowing and hear a hissing sound, it definitely is a gas leak.

Even the pipes from appliances that have nearly worn out develop tiny leaks down the road. You will notice your roommates or other family members suffer from headaches and flu-like symptoms. Do not turn on or off anything, and do not use your phone inside. All kinds of electric heat can cause sparks in the gas.

You may benefit from installing gas detectors for additional safety.

Does carbon monoxide smell like onions?

Carbon monoxide smells like nothing, so it becomes complicated to identify. You may find carbon monoxide coming from the fumes in gas stoves, fireplaces, car engines, water heaters, furnaces, and generators. Carbon monoxide is dangerous to both animals and humans.

As there is no smell to throw you off, please install a monoxide detector immediately. Carbon monoxide leakage can induce muscle weakness and intense headaches. The only sign is a yellowish-brown stain around the concerned appliance.

So, no carbon monoxide does not smell anything like onions.

Does mold smell like onions?

Mold usually gives off an earthy and musty scent. Sometimes, it may also smell like rotten plants and onions. When mold grows in humid areas like the shower, you smell an onion scent. Water sticks to ceilings and walls when there is not enough ventilation.

People have admitted changing shower curtains to get rid of the onion smell. Scrubbing and re-caulking the floor, ceiling, and wall with mold killers help. Pay attention to the moist areas to see if there is any discoloration or mold spores.

What smells like onions in the house?

smells like onions in house
Old Rug

As evident from the above discussion, many things can smell like onions, such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, old carpet and mattress, rotten vegetables, etc.

How can you get rid of the onion smell in a house?

How do I stop my house smelling of onion? To get rid of the onion smell, you must implement the below-mentioned tricks –

Clean the House:

Cleaning the house thoroughly helps. Baking soda seems like the best DIY remedy. Baking soda has a neutralizing property; thus, it can handle all types of pesky scents. Keep a box of baking soda inside the refrigerator. You may also add a few lemon rings.

Use Air Freshener:

Using air fresheners helps too. You can either get something from the store or make something on your own. Add a few drops of vanilla along with spices like clove or cinnamon. You should add essential oils too.

Vacuum & Deep Clean:

Deep steam cleaning can be excellent for large items like the carpet. Mattresses seem challenging to clean. You can sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum everything off.


Is there a chemical that smells like onions?

Acryliconitrile is a highly volatile, colorless and toxic liquid that is clear, colorless or slightly yellow in appearance. The vapor of acryliconitrile is heavier than air. The odor is pungent, comparable to that of onion or garlic, and does not provide adequate warning that hazardous levels are present. A person inhaling, consuming, or coming into contact with acryliconitrile is likely to develop a poisonous reaction.

Why does my bathroom smell like onions?

Hair, grime, and grease may be clogging the drain, causing the onion smell. A shower’s drain can become clogged and odorous when dirt, grease, and grime get trapped. There may also be a buildup of bacteria responsible for the onion aroma in the bathroom.

Wrap Up

If it smells like onions outside, it may be because of the old carpet, rotten vegetables, and other things we already mentioned above. There are many ways to make the house smell more welcoming and pleasant.

We hope the above guide will help. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries, please let us know!

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